David M. Quinn

It May Be Forever: An Irish Rebel on the American Frontier



Let it be said first that It May Be Forever: An Irish Rebel on the American Frontier is an excellent, very enjoyable book which would win the highest rating if we did that kind of thing at SPR.... It is a fascinating tale and the depth of the author's research evident, although he avoids the rookie trap of becoming hostage to it and boring the reader. The writing is first rate... Anyone who enjoys a good read will enjoy this book.

~ Francis Hamit - The Self-Publishing Review


When this book was given to me as a gift, I had never heard of the author and was unenthusiastic about reading it, but felt obligated. So, imagine my surprise when I found myself staying up the first night until 2 a.m. because I just could not put down the book - it was that interesting, well-written, and emotionally compelling. I did little for the next two days except carve out time to read and talk about the book with anyone who would listen. Without reservation I can say that It May Be Forever is one of the best historical epic novels I've ever read. You don't have to like history to love this book - it will appeal if you like action or romance or if you enjoy the development of complex characters, who grow over time. In fact, there really is something for everyone here, even a little suspense, at least in keeping you on the edge of your seat. James Michener and Leon Uris, move over, and Oprah, take notice! David Quinn has arrived. Couldn't put it down.

~ October 1, 2009, By Carolyn S. Anderson "book devotee"


This book was a very quick read. Not that it was short, but it was SO well written with very descriptive chapters that it was an easy read. I felt like I was in the story and I knew the characters. I came away with a few things while reading this. One of which was a reminder to never give up or in when the going gets tough. And cherish those you love no matter how upset they make you. Don't sweat the small stuff. A very refreshing read!

~ Sheila - Goodreads.com


It May Be Forever - A Classic, June 15, 2009

David Quinn has created a masterpiece. His meticulous research on ancestor, Michael Quinn, has yielded a moving, seamless narrative that reads like an action-packed novel. The authenticity of the settings, customs, and language brings the story to life. A wonderful story, beautifully told - I literally couldn't put this one down.

~ Nicholas D. Brown, Novelist


The story is moving and compelling... we are reminded who we are as a country and where we have been.

~ Jack L. Kennedy - Joplin Independent


Although the book rests securely on years of research tracing the uncle from 1840's Ireland to England to America. Quinn chose to write a novel instead of nonfiction, thereby enriching the tale by weaving in the times' grievous economic conditions. This book has it all - adventure, mystery, politics, war, business, travel, failed romance and history - but no historical treatises here; the action reveals all. Additionally, its pulse is that of a bracing Western, replete with Indian wars, wagon trains, gun battles, cattle drives, dancehall girls, mining camps and homesteaders... The perfect escape from a techno-weary world.

~ Mary McWay Seaman - The Celtic Connection


Master storyteller, David Quinn, erases time. As I read It May Be Forever, I starved in a potato famine in Ireland - I breathed cotton lint in the mills of Lawrence - I sucked prairie dust on the bullwhacker trail - I looked deep into the heart of a sweat lodge fire. To transport the reader is the writer's job. Quinn does just that.

~ Mary Sojourner - Novelist of the Southwest and occasional contributor on National Public Radio


Oh, what a colorful and informative journey David M. Quinn's It May Be Forever takes us on. It is a journey that the Prescott author says was originally inspired by his study of his own family roots. What a tribute he gives to his ancestors. And what a moving adventure he gives his readers.

~ Susan Lang – Director Hassayampa Institute for Creative Writing


Although a true-life story, Michaels great-great-nephew, David Quinn, chooses to tell (It May Be Forever) in novel form. It works brilliantly, for David shows his dexterity as a storyteller is equally worthy of his subject. It's a book that should be listed among the great Irish diasporic accounts, told with skill and artistry by an author of whom I am sure we will hear more.

~ Peter Berresford Ellis – Noted Celtic scholar, writer, and novelist


What's unique about this biography turned novel is the real life information threaded throughout like golden wire. It's obvious that Quinn has done his research to breathe life and breath into Michael Quinn's tale.... I recommend David Quinn's book as an excellent and pleasureable way to learn your Irish and Irish American history. It's a gripping journey, colored with much tragedy and sadness, but excitement and joy as well. I thank David Quinn for sharing it with us.

~ Janet McGrane – CelticReader.com


It May Be Forever is an obvious labour of love.... the author invested considerable time in research and the scenes depicted have a truly authentic ring... David M. Quinn has succeeded in constructing a tale that links the sufferings of the Irish Famine to those of the Native Americans at Wounded Knee. It is also a tale with a tentatively happy ending, an end to a life of bitterness but a life of extraordinary adventure peopled with extraordinary characters.

~ Pauline Ferrie – EmigrantOnline.ie


A beautifully written historical novel filled with excellent research and characters! Highly recommended!

~ USABookNews.com

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It May Be Forever: An Irish Rebel on the American Frontier

“This book has it all - adventure, mystery, politics, war, business, travel, failed romance and history - but no historical treatises here; the action reveals all." Mary McWay Seaman - The Celtic Connection

It May Be Forever An Irish American Rebel on the American Frontier

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Rising from famine, child labor in England’s textile mills, and a foiled Irish rebellion to eventual prosperity on the American frontier, Michael Quinn lost love, friendship, and family in his single-minded pursuit of fortune. Only a dramatic encounter with a Lakota holy man provides the catalyst for personal redemption

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