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Leviathan's Master – The Wreck Of The World's Largest Ship



Leviathan's Master is one of those books that is far better than you'd expect it to be, with author David M. Quinn providing a compelling fictional version of a real event: the wreck of the world's largest sailing ship... In an incredibly small number of pages the author paints a very complete picture of a devastating incident. He successfully humanizes a tragedy that few people have ever heard of, and he does it in the most interesting of narrative styles. Consider this a must-read for fans of nautical adventures and maritime history.

~ D. Brunell 7/11/10 – FearlessBooks.com


Sometimes good things come in small packages. That's the case with Leviathan's Master, by David M. Quinn. It's not much over 100 pages long, and that's including the bibliography, but like a short John Steinbeck or Hemingway book - the length doesn't matter - it's the quality and rich narrative of it that counts. . . If you like to read fascinating true-life accounts of survival in the face of all odds, then Leviathan's Master is a book you'll love to read.

~ Douglas R. Cobb – BestSellersWorld.com


David Quinn has developed an historical accounting that grabs the reader and relates history while also conveying the human emotional elements that surely accompanied the actual event.

The story details the doomed voyage of the seven-masted sailing ship The Thomas W. Lawson on its maiden Atlantic crossing in the winter of 1907. The ship was reported as unstable but Captain George Dow, the maternal great-great uncle of the author, decides his mastery of previous ships will stand him in good stead with the Lawson. He then discovers that nature has its own agenda for the ship and its crew. The methodical research done in order to write the book serves the reader well, with historical fact interspersed with human interest.

Leviathan's Master is an easy read for sea lovers and land lovers alike. It poses interesting ethical dilemmas as well as thoughtfully presented skills essential to early ship trading.

~ Readers Favorite.com


The tale of the largest sailing vessel's ocean crossing is compelling at a very human level. The author weaves the survival tale of his great, great uncle with dialogue and descriptive historical facts to create a story that ebbs and flows as waves on an ocean. It is engaging and intriguing to be brought back in time for such an event, in such a personal way. Leviathan's Master is a highly recommended read ... It is gripping.

~ Lisa Haselton – Allbooks Reviews


The best stories have basis in reality. Leviathan's Master: The Wreck of the World's Largest Sailing Ship is drawn from the history of the T.W. Lawson, dramatized and fictionalized by David M. Quinn drawing on his great uncle's stories. The T. W. Lawson was the biggest oil tanker of its time, and Captain Dow was faced with guiding it across the Atlantic. But Mother Nature never goes quietly into the night. Leviathan's Master is quite the naval novel adventure, and is worth the read.

~ Able Greenspan – The Midwest Book Review

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Leviathan's Master – The Wreck Of The World's Largest Ship

"David M. Quinn's Leviathan's Master: The Wreck of the World's Largest Sailing Ship is a deft blend of historical fact with a fictional portrayal that can bring to life historical events and historical personages in a way that no historian or journalist can."

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Leviathan's Master – The Wreck Of The World's Largest Ship

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The world’s largest sailing ship was on its first trans-Atlantic crossing. And Captain Dow had almost fifty years on the high seas. But hurricane winds and raging seas would overwhelm him and his mighty vessel. Seventeen lives are lost and Dow is called to account, most especially to himself.

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