David M. Quinn


The June, 2016 issue of Chesapeake Bay Magazine features an article and excerpt of David's book, Leviathan's Master - The Wreck of the World's Largest Sailing Ship.

IT MAY BE FOREVER is now available as a talking book for the blind and physically disabled.

The Arizona Braille & Talking Book Library (ABTBL) has recorded and now offers for loan a talking book version of IT MAY BE FOREVER. ABTBL is a participant in the National Library Service program of inter-library sharing of materials for the sight impaired and physically disabled. Materials are distributed by the participating libraries such as ABTBL. Other participating libraries can request the loan of ABTBL material such as the talking book version of IT MAY BE FOREVER. The catalogue reference number (Klas ID) for this talking book is: AZC03251.

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Website: https://www.azlibrary.gov/talkingbooks

Leviathan's Master was selected as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Historical Fiction category of the National Best Books Awards 2009. This contest is sponsored by USA Book News. This is the second time David Quinn has been so recognized. In 2006, It May Be Forever was selected for the same distinction.

Leviathan's Master - The Wreck of the World's Largest Sailing Ship was selected as the December, 2009 Featured Book of the Month by AllBooks Review. See AllBooksReviewInt.com

Special Offer to Book Clubs

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" Master storyteller David Quinn erases time ... To transport the reader is the writer's job. Quinn does just that ... " Mary Sojourner - Novelist of the Southwest

David Quinn is an American author writing historical fiction. His fact-based tales are drawn from the true-life adventures of ancestors discovered through his hobby of genealogy. Whether in the Irish immigrant experience, frontier days in the Old West or in a dramatic sea story, Quinn adds a personal connection to the historical record by giving his characters thoughts, emotions and dialogue.

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