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STEEL SHAMROCKS The Sons of Annie McKenna



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STEEL SHAMROCKS The Sons of Annie McKenna

This is serious historical writing: as such, it seeks to pair the drama of fiction with nonfiction facts and background, and both captures the experiences and feel of its times and provides the necessary supportive platform of history upon which to base these events.

That's one of the novel's strengths. Steel Shamrocks stands apart from other stories of the early experiences of Irish immigrants in America.

It's hard to imagine the lengths that the early Irish went through, both in the 'old country' and in the new America. Steel Shamrocks is firmly grounded in real events and a sense of its times, and its detailed approach will delight serious readers of historical fiction.

D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer – Midwest Book Review

STEEL SHAMROCKS   The Sons of Annie McKenna

From humble immigrant beginnings in early 19th century Pittsburgh, Bernard (Barney) McKenna and Charles F. McKenna made civic service their chosen path to position and influence. One became a beloved mayor and political reformer. The other was a Civil War soldier and distinguished attorney and jurist. But it was their widowed mother Annie who enabled their rise in the face of tragedy and struggle.

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